Moving with Kids Made Easy

It’s hard to leave a place where you have been living for several years and it’s true not only for adults but kids as well. It’s not only the house, but lots of things that you leave behind, such as your friends, neighbors, relatives and other loving things. Grown-ups get easily adapted to this change while it’s very difficult for kids to handle the transition and stress related to it. Here we have some useful tips that will help you make moving an easy process for children.

Moving with kids

Discuss about the move
As soon as you finalize your decision about moving, discuss it with your kids. Tell them clearly about what’s going to happen in the next few weeks and where they are going to move. It’s important to handle them carefully while stating the positive and negative aspects of moving. Try to bring out positive side in front of kids so that they take transition positively. Give them enough time to understand the situation and its consequences.

Involve them in planning
Involving kids in planning process like house-hunting and packing is a good idea for making the transition easy. If you are moving to a distant state or different country, you can them the photographs of new home, surroundings and school they will be studying in. This will act as an induction and kids will feel familiar to the new place.

Organize a friend-meet
You can organize a get-together or friend-meet for your kids and their friends as this will allow them have fun with friends before leaving for a new place. Purchase some gifts that your kids will give to friends as a token of love. Most of the kids are deeply attached with each other and this get-together will help reduce the burden of parting from them.

Keep the routine same
After you have moved to the new place, ensure that you follow the same routine so that your kids don’t feel that new place has changed something in their lifestyle. Be it meal time, sleeping time, nap time or play time, try to keep everything same as of old home as this will keep them in a comfort zone.

Help them make new friends
Your kids will need to make new friends in new neighborhood and you can help in this. Take them along with you to the neighbor’s house, clubs and community parks to help them make new friends. Participate in different community activities as this will not only help kids make friends, but to you too.

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