Moving to the Glamour and Glitz of Los Angeles

Aspiring actors from around the globe have gotten the bug to move to Los Angeles for several decades now. Indeed, finding a talent agent is as important as finding an apartment for many silver screen hopefuls. As the virtual mecca of movie-making, actors are willing to have their autos transported and then take cross-country flights just for a crack at an acting career. Of course, there are many interesting facts about Los Angeles that have nothing to do with acting in movies that you might want to know if you are moving. Here are some fun facts about Los Angeles to store in your brain as you prepare for the big move.

1.) L.A. county is very big. In fact, it is home to 88 different cities and has a total population of more than 10 million, making it the most populated county in the United States.

2.) Los Angeles is very sunny and the Dodgers Major League Baseball team rarely get rained out. On average, there are 325 days of pure sunshine each year. That means it’s sunny about 90% of the time!

3.) The geography of Los Angeles provides for some interesting outdoor opportunities. In fact, you can visit a desert, a ski mountain, and surf some waves all in the same day!

You will quickly find when moving to Los Angeles that there is never a shortage of interesting destinations. Professional football is out of the city for now but there are multiple baseball and basketball teams to choose from. If sports isn’t your cup of tea, try these fantastic entertainment destinations.

1.) Universal Studios. Conveniently located just outside Hollywood, Universal provides the ultimate movie fan experience. Available at the lot are iconic memorabilia and set props from movie classics such as “Jaws” and “Back to the Future”. The real park attraction however is the rides. Whether riding a bike with E.T. in your basket or confronting the dinosaurs from “Jurassic Park”, you are sure to have an experience you won’t soon forget.

2.) Beverly Hills. Honestly, how long can you wait upon your Los Angeles arrival before making it over to Beverly Hills? Whether you’re looking to do some star gazing or high-end shopping, this is the place to be. Rodeo Drive is the most famous area in Beverly Hills and is a trend setter for both fashion and food.

3.) The Griffith Observatory. If you want to get a look at Hollywood from high above the city, then head on over to the observatory. There is no admission fee to visit the observatory, which is located on the peak of a mountain. Clear days bring absolutely breath-taking views of Los Angeles and surrounding areas.




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