Moving to Colorado- A Comprehensive Guide

Colorado is best known for its rocky mountains and is well known as “The Centennial State”. Located in Western and Southwestern regions of the United States, Colorado is a year-round destination for tourists around the world. So, if you are seriously considering Colorado as a potential place to move, here’s a comprehensive guide about the state that will let you make a thoughtful decision.

Moving to Colorado

Colorado has a diverse combination of rugged mountains and vast plains. It’s climate is quite complex as compared to other American states. In most parts of the state, temperature remains hot & humid during summers and very cold during winters. You can experience great difference in temperature and climatic conditions in different parts of Colorado. For example, April to September is the period of highest precipitation in Eastern Plains, on the other hand, June is the driest month in west of the plains. This is the reason that Colorado is believed to have the most complex climatic conditions in United States.

Transportation System
Colorado’s transportation system is excellent and one can easily commute locally, interstate and internationally. The state has 14 airports with the major one located in the capital, Denver. There are well-connected railroad routes for passengers to commute conveniently.

If you are concerned about your kids’ education, don’t worry as Colorado has state-of-the-art infrastructure and education facilities. There are several prestigious institutes and universities like University of Colorado, University of Denver, United States Air Force Academy and Colorado School of Mines. So, whether you want to study or work in these educational institutions, there is no problem, but of course, you must secure your position before moving to Colorado.

Housing in Colorado is one of the prime concerns of people moving to this state. There are several Federal housing programs, home ownership assistance programs and rental assistance programs in the state, provided by Federal government.

There are several taxes in Colorado State that one should be aware of before moving, such as it has a flat 4.63% income tax irrespective of the income level, 2.9% tax on all retail sales and several other special district taxes.

Thousands of people move to Colorado every year, which clearly reflects the preference of this place for living. Let Moving Quotes help you find the best moving companies in Colorado so that you can move in your dream Colorado home without any hassles!

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