Moving to Alaska- All You Need to Know

Thinking about Alaska brings Polar Bears, huge glaciers, ice fishing and Mt. McKinley to our mind. Aah…such a wonderful scenario! Alaska is one of the most popular tourist destinations in United States and perhaps everyone will agree with this. But have you ever thought of moving to this beautiful and adventurous state? Okay…if you are seriously thinking about moving to Alaska, let Moving Quotes help you by giving comprehensive information about this state.

Moving to Alaska

Perfect living balance
Alaska is believed to have “Best of all worlds” in terms of living. It offers a perfect balance of adventurous and sophisticated life along with all conveniences of urban life. You can enjoy wildlife adventures by ice fishing and sport fishing games. At the same time, you get all facilities at the same place as you get in other urban hubs. It has the lowest tax rates in United States and is less expensive than other states like San Francisco and Manhattan.

Employment in Alaska
Anchorage is the commercial hub of Alaska and offers good jobs to its residents. Besides oil and fishing jobs, the expanding job categories include air cargo, retail, nurses, pharmacy technicians, commercial pilots and drivers, web designing, web development, therapists, medical assistant and many more. It’s quite easy to find a job during summers as there is enough work due to long summer days. While job hunting is not that tough in winters, it’s recommended to have a job before moving to Alaska. You can easily earn around $25,000 to $50,000 annually.

Housing in Alaska
When it comes to housing, Alaska offers great value for your money. Whether you are purchasing a new home or renting it, you can get the same in affordable rates. For example, you can get a 3 bedroom home for around $1400 per month, which is quite affordable as compared to other cities in U.S. Moreover, you will not get the beautiful landscapes around your home in any other city in this rate.

Moving to Alaska from all other American states is usually a long distance move, so it’s better to hire a professional moving company to handle the move. Of course, as the distance is long, it will also incur bigger costs. Follow our tips on hiring a good moving company and you’ll be able to find out the best mover for an Alaskan move.

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