Moving to Alabama- Must Know Things

Moving to Alabama is just like a dream-come-true for some people. This beautiful state is also known as the “Heart of Dixie” and has plenty of beautiful landscapes to soothe your eyes. Alabama is best known for its southern culture and superb hospitality. So, if you are obsessed by breathtaking mountains and sparkling coastlines of this state, here is some more information that will help you decide on moving to Alabama.

Moving to Albama

Low cost of living
The good news is that Alabama has a relatively low cost of living. You can get almost everything, right from the grocery and vegetables to dairy products and poultry, at lower costs as compared to other parts of the country. Reason for reduced costs is the abundance of dairy and vegetable farms in the state. Another great thing is that prices of gas, hydroelectric power and other utilities are also low as compared to national average. One can easily get a rental home under $500 for a small family of four. Great!

Weather and Climate
Alabama has a good climate with four distinct seasons. Among all, spring is the best time to move to Alabama as temperature is suitable and humidity level is also low. Summers are somehow harsh having temperature in range of 90 to 100. Sun rays may be very strong with environment quite humid. Winter is not that harsh and is a better season to move to Alabama. The state does not receive much snow but yes, you should be prepared for unexpected rain or cold snaps. October is the driest month and March is the wettest month in Alabama.

Here’s the twist! When compared to other parts of America, Alabama has got somehow conservative culture. Most of the people there visit Church regularly and have certain moral values. Sale of alcohol is restricted in the entire county except some places, where it is served under strict guidelines. Alabama has old city flair with southern accent everywhere.

In nutshell, it’s great to live in Alabama. Be it beautiful scenarios, hospitable people or low cost of living, Alabama has an edge. And yes, don’t forget to compare moving companies in Alabama before packing your stuff.

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