Moving to a Different City Tips

Moving to a different cityMoving to a different city is a challenge. Every household relocation brings up many things to do. Thus you may come up with a good moving plan only after good organization and preparation. There are lots of things to consider when going to live in a new city and it is important to follow the experts’ tips in order to have a smooth move.

Tips for Moving to a Different City

  • When moving to a different city it is important first to get an idea of the costs of living. Research well the possible rent you’d have to pay, costs of utilities and daily products. It is advisable to be prepared with accurate information on this topic so that when you actually move to another city you’ll know how much your salary will be able to cover your standard of life. It is also good to compare the share that the rent will have in your incomes – if you can, keep it less than 40%.
  • Consider doing decluttering. Getting rid of all things broken, worn out or useless is a great way to decrease your cost of moving to a different city. Sell things on a sale, give away, put things on ebay or amazon, donate them or whatever you decide to – any action of this sort will save you money. This will also make free boxes you have at your home that you have used to keep other things. Just make sure the boxes you will use for your move to another city are clean, strong and undamaged. You don’t want your things to roll in dust or sip through the boxes.
  • Think about the organization around your moving away to a different city. First of all, try to find professional moving companies. For the purpose you will need to get quotes for moving to a different city. This is how you will get in touch with movers in order to get possible prices for your moving.Quotes for moving to a different city
  • The possible estimate that you can get are three types: binding, non-binding and binding not-to-exceed. You should discuss with your mover which type of these you can expect to get because each one has its pros and cons and you need to find which one suits your needs and requirements for moving.
  • Amongst the main tips for moving to a different city that every expert can give you is to ask for a visual estimate. Once the movers get back to you with the possible cost for your relocation they will give you an amount based on the things you tell them you have for moving. Often times though people forget to tell things to the movers and almost always the price goes up in the end. In order to have an accurate estimation of your cost of moving to a different city ask a representative of the moving company to come and take a loot personally. Your task here is to show everything to that person so that he can prepare an inventory sheet. After that you can more easily estimate the packing supplies you will need as well.
  • Getting ready for packing for your move to another city is easy once your inventory list is done. Just go by it and try to figure out what type of packing supplies you’ll need and of what quantity. Another good option you have is to ask the movers to provide the packing materials and pack your home. It is a useful option if you are very busy and haven’t got much time to do things yourself. And since movers are experts in this job you can expect to have a quality work done.
  • When moving away to a different city you can find boxes for free. Many options there are: freecycle, craigslist, book stores, liquor stores, grocery stores, Starbucks, McDonald’s, U-haul’s message board, too – you just need to enter your location. If you get second hand boxes you may need to strengthen them by taping the walls and after you seal them – tape around the whole box again. The boxes must be filled up with nothing rattling in and must be securely closed.
  • Pay attention to how you label the boxes. Definitely put some signification on them in order to distinguish quickly which box to which room belongs. Instead of words you can use colors. They are quicker to recognize. This is a minor detail but when you have a 3-bedroom house to relocate and you have many things to move it matters.
  • Just remember when packing: keep on you all documentation as you might need it. This goes true as well for the valuables. Things like jewels, money, credit cards, a check book, paperwork, records, birth certificates, passport, etc. go all into this classification.

These tips for moving to a different city will save you time, effort, money and stress if you follow them. What do you think? If you wish to add something, you can share what you think below.




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