Moving Options for the Eco-Minded

Some companies within the moving industry have taken measures to help make moving a more ‘green’ experience. With some innovative thinking there are options available to consumers trying to complete a more eco-friendly move.

Moving vans themselves prove to be more difficult to convert to an eco-friendly mode. Some companies have opted to convert their trucks to run on biodiesel but in many instances this is not cost effective leaving moving companies to try to find other ways to satisfy their ecologically minded customers.

Boxes are a necessity in any move. A company with its eyes on going nationwide,, allows consumers to rent plastic bins constructed from recycled plastic. Similar companies are popping up across the nation. The practice of using reusable plastic crates has long been employed in corporate moves, but has only recently been offered to those moving a private household. It is estimated that the plastic bins can survive as many as 400 moves, while cardboard boxes last for approximately 4 moves. Companies that offer the plastic bin rentals have been able to keep their rental costs very comparable with the price of cardboard boxes. One drawback to the plastic is that the bins must be returned within a finite period of time. Some consumers think this drawback is really a benefit as it forces them to complete their unpacking in a timely manner.

Not all moving companies are on the ‘green’ bandwagon, but many do offer at least some options that are friendlier to the environment. There are companies that offer cardboard box exchanges, allowing one family’s boxes to be used by another. Also, consumers can find biodegradable packing choices to replace the traditional bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

While collecting estimates for your upcoming move, be sure to inquire about any eco-friendly options offered by the companies you contact.

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