Moving Insurance: Why You Need One?


Adrienne Hermeyer may not have a lot of furniture but what she had were really one of a kind and exquisite pieces that were handed down from generation to generation.

From Westwood Ohio, she moved to Loveland Ohio and hired moving company to help her in the transportation of her stuff.

While packing, the movers chipped off a portion of her china  cabinet. She called the manager to inform about the damage and the manager said that such things will be answered when the unloading is done that way if there are further dmaages, it will be a one-time process to save time.

After the unloading, she discovered that her drop leaf table and her book shelf were also damaged.

Estimates of the damage was more or less $600. But she was surprsed to be sent $84 for all the damages in her furniture as the insurance company of the movers only pays 60 cents per pound.

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