Moving Industry Regulations

With the industry taking its share of criticism for unethical moving practices by various companies, consumers should know that the moving industry is widely regulated. Important information is available for consumers who take the time to do their research.

Back in April of 2008, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) determined qualifications for companies to be classified as “ProMover”. This designation is one of the industry’s attempts to help inform consumers about those companies that do adhere to the laws and play by the rules. In order for a company to be designated as a ProMover, the company goes through an extensive screening process. The AMSA verifies that the company is free of any federal or state felony convictions and is dedicated to being compliant with all state and federal laws. The companies also must commit to adhering to the AMSA code of ethics.

To further protect consumers, the ProMover designation is reviewed every year. Any company that does not continue to comply will be removed from the AMSA and have their ProMover designation removed. Consumers can check the AMSA website, to see a list of companies that meet the AMSA standards.

In general, consumers don’t have a high need to be informed on moving company practices on a day-to-day basis. For many, interaction with a moving company might occur only a few times over their lifetime. Because of this, it becomes even more important for consumers to do their research to find an ethical company. The AMSA recognizes this need and strives to make sure the industry has measures in place to help the consumer.

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