Moving Glossary- Part II

Sometimes, moving companies put commercial goods in the trailer along with the household stuff. A divider is used to separate both types of goods and protect both of them from damage.

Door-to-Door Service
Moving service given from origin residence to the destination residence, exclusive of any taxes, custom duties and handling charges.

Door-to-Port Service
Moving service given from origin residence to the destination city or port, exclusive of any taxes, custom duties and handling charges.

Expedited Service
An agreement for faster delivery than usual time in exchange of higher pay rate.

Moving Glossary

Freight Service
This includes only transportation of household goods from old residence to the new residence. You must pack your items in advance and the mover will take care of transportation.

Flight Charge
Additional cost of a flight of stairs. If the mover has to climb two floors on the flight, it will be counted as double flight, but in case there is an elevator that can transport the goods easily, there are no charges.

Full Value Protection
In case an article is lost, damaged or destroyed, the mover will either restore it to the original condition, replace it or pay for the cost of replacement.

Full Service Mover
This type of moving company takes care of everything involved in the moving process, right from packing the stuff, wrapping the furniture items, unpacking and transportation.

Guaranteed Service
This implies both for pickup and delivery in which the mover gives a guarantee and also agrees to pay back or reimburse for any delays.

Interstate Move
Any move across the boundary of a state or simply moving in an another state.

Intrastate Move
Moving within the same state, but more than 40 miles.

Local Move
Moving within the state at a distance of 40 miles or less.

Necessary certification for transportation of goods intrastate or interstate. Some states may also require additional license information based on the type of move.

Linehaul Charges
Billing method for long distance moves.

Packing Service
Packing and unpacking service provided by the moving company, usually offered by full-service movers.

Self-service mover
This type of mover allows you to use their trailer, load and unload items yourself and finally take back the trailer after the use. You only pay for the transportation and trailer rental charges.

Standard Coverage
Minimum amount of free coverage, usually 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

Temporary storage of goods, usually up to 180 days, in case your new home is not ready for occupancy.

An amount that reflects full value or worth of your goods.

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