Moving Glossary- Part I

There are hundreds of things involved in a moving process and so does a number of terms. Before you plan for a move to¬† a new destination, make sure you get familiar with the important moving terms and glossary. Here’s a comprehensive list of related moving terms that are widely used in the moving industry.

Additional Services
Services other than transportation, such as packing, unpacking and appliance servicing requested by the customer. Also called accessory services.

Additional Charges
Charges incurred for additional services. Also called accessory charges.

A local company authorized to take care of moving services on the behalf of a big company.

Actual charges
Actual total cost of the moving process from start to finish.

Agreed Delivery Date
Tentative date agreed between the customer and the agent for the delivery of the shipment.

Automobile Handling Charges
Charges incurred for automobile movement, in addition to the weight.

Auxiliary/Shuttle Service
A smaller unit hired for movement when the shipment cannot be delivered by a road service.

Average Transit Time
Average time taken for shipping from one point to another.

Bill of Lading
A contract between customer and the agent or moving company. It comes in the form of a receipt and has certain terms & conditions, which should be clearly understood by the customer before signing it.

Binding Estimate
A flat quote given by the mover based on an on-site estimate. No matter how long the journey is, only flat rate is paid to the mover.

Breach of Contract
Violation of contract by any of the parties.

Bulky Article  Charge
Charges incurred for a big item that takes up too much of space in the moving truck such as big machinery or equipment.

The moving company who is taking care of transportation of your goods.

Movement of stuff using a carrier.

Cargo claim
Claim filed for damaged of goods by the company

Carrier Liability
Financial liability of the carrier for any damage or loss of goods. It is usually based on the value of the goods transported.

Cash on Delivery
Mode of payment when it is paid at the time of delivery of goods. It is paid before unloading of goods.

Custom Duty
Fee incurred on import and export of goods

Custom Clearance
Obtaining release from customs department by required documentation handling, fee payment and processing. It does not involve physical handling of good from examination.

We hope that’s enough for the day. Stay tuned as we’ll get back with the next part of the Moving Glossary soon!

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