Moving Company Converts to Biodiesel

A Simi Valley, California moving company is making a serious effort to lower their carbon footprint. Acclaimed Movers and Storage is running its trucks on biodiesel fuel.

Moving trucks travel a lot of miles over the course of each year. Driving to pick up and drop off customer’s goods, or driving to the warehouse adds up the mileage. A good portion of the company’s costs are in fuel as well as in maintenance on their truck fleet.

Biodiesel fuel produces less carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide has been directly linked to climate change. Biodiesel also reduces sulfur and hydrocarbon emissions. These factors lead to a reduction in pollution by as much as 80% over traditional fuel. Acclaimed Movers and Storage also cites the fact that biodiesel fuel is created from plants as another reason for their switch. Because the plants have absorbed carbon dioxide prior to their conversion to fuel, this in effect even further reduces the emissions at the overall level.

Going green is not an easy feat for many companies. There are different approaches and different levels of commitment. While Acclaimed Movers and Storage is not alone in their efforts, they have taken their commitment more seriously than most.

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