Moving an Office- How to Start?

Moving an office is far tedious than moving a home as it involves many people to coordinate with. A commercial entity has lots of departments and  hence requires a foolproof planning for moving. So, if you are going to move your office to a new location, make sure that you plan much ahead of time to avoid any hassles. Here are a few useful guidelines from Moving Quotes for moving an office:

Plan the move
Most offices have a 5-day working week and hence moving can be planned on a weekend. On the other hand, some offices have 24×7 operations, especially BPO units. So, the only option for them is to move in shifts. For example, they can start by moving the reception first and then department-wise. It might take a few days to complete the moving to a new location, so it’s important to plan the move at least six months before. Create a time-line for moving and convey the same to all employees.

Create a task force
As there are many people and department heads in an office, you need not bear the burden alone. Instead, share the responsibility of each department to its respective head. You can assign the responsibility of packing items to them. In case of small office, you may handle it of your own.

Create a checklist
Moving checklist is one of the most important things you must have for an organized office moving process. It includes the list of movable assets, high security assets, arrangement of services, etc.

Assign tasks
As you have already created the task forces, its time to assign work to each of them. Besides office employees, you will also need other specialists including networking specialist, telephone line installer, specialty service providers and of course, a moving company. Make a list of all specialist you need and assign the relevant task to each of them.

Review plan and execute
Once you have done everything related to planning, execute your plan in a step-by-step process and make sure that there are no loopholes. Don’t forget to discuss everything with your employees by conducting periodic meetings as this will avoid any last minute hassles. And yes, don’t forget to have a party after a successful move; after all, you all deserve it!

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