Long Distance Move


Moving next door or across the street is not the same as moving to another city or another country. There are other things that must be considered, most especially if the cultural and climate differences in the place that you are from and the place that you are going to are opposite of each other.


You may be in for a good or a bad surprise on your move. If you are from California and you decide to move in New York, you may be shocked with the differences in the way of life of the people in the Big Apple. Moving to Alaska if you are from Texas may be a bit different as the people in the Lone Star State are different from the people in the “last frontier”.

Keep or Throw?

It pays if you know the way of life, the culture and the weather in the new place that you are moving in to. This will help you in determining the things that you ought to bring with you and the things that you can leave behind. For instance, long and thick clothing are perfect for cold places and it would be a great idea to give away you numerous beach clothes and equipments if you are moving at a place with no beaches close at hand.





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