How to Get Free or Cheap Boxes for Moving

Free moving boxesAmongst all of the issues to cope with when moving a main one is the packing. Whether you live in a large house or a small apartment you cannot move without supplying yourself with packing supplies and more precisely – boxes: they play a main role in your relocation. For a successful move you need strong boxes and you need to know how to pack them right. And at the same time in order to decrease the price for your move you need not only cheaper movers. You should also know where to get moving boxes cheap and where to find boxes for moving free. Of course, there are many ways to supply yourself with quality moving boxes even second hand without paying anything. Not handling the packing right is one of the 10 most common moving mistakes that can cost you extra. More about them you can read here. Get cheap moving boxes tips below and tips on finding free moving boxes.

How to Get Free Moving Boxes

There are a large number of places from where to find boxes for moving free. Firstly, start with the nearest options around you – your neighbors, colleagues, friends. You can even write in your social network profile that you are searching for moving boxes that someone doesn’t want. Why pay for something you can have without money? Get free moving boxes online by also searching on craigslist. Choose your city on this link and see what people are offering in your region. Another website like craigslist is freecycle. Banks and offices usually have boxes as well – all you need to do is go and ask for them. If you or your spouse has joined the military you may be eligible to find moving boxes for free. All about this option you can find here. One more option for getting free moving boxes is to go to liquor stores. They usually have strong boxes from alcohol bottles and they can spare them for you. You can also visit local supermarkets. Just make sure that the boxes you take from there are not broken, dusty or moist because this will make them unsuitable for a move. Also any second hand boxes you take it is advisable to tape around its walls and the bottom and after being packed and sealed tape again. You can get free moving boxes but use as this as a precaution.

Cheap moving oxes

Where to Get Moving Boxes Cheap

You can go online again. There are many ways to get cheap moving boxes and one of them is to use the websites for selling like ebay and amazon. Sometimes even asking for packing materials from a moving company is a good option. There are discount moving companies that provide coupons or a certain percentage off the price of their packing or a service. The idea is to pay less for your moving because you can. Learn which companies are currently offering such options by asking for a quote. The moving cost estimate is also free to fill in. The movers will explain to you what is their policy on packing supplies and you can also ask them other questions that you may have in relation to your relocation.

You can find a list of moving companies by state with their rating, contacts and reviews here. There are movers that offer as part of their discounts lower prices for students for example. When you get in touch with the moving companies ask them if they offer coupons and what is their policy on packing – do they provide such services. Besides boxes of course with some moving companies you’ll be able to have also pads, moving blankets, ropes, bubble wrap and so on – all you may need for you to pack your home.

Get cheap moving boxes with the opportunities that moving companies provide. You can also buy boxes from the stores but it requires more time to do the shopping and as it comes out in reality the majority of people underestimate how many things have. Then they have to go more times to buy boxes and spend extra money. On the other hand you can ask the movers you’ve contacted if they can deliver packing materials to your door. There are companies who will do that for you and once the move is over what you’ve not used you can return free of charge. This is another option to get cheaper moving boxes. Instead of shopping around using the little free time you have you can have it all brought to you to your home.

Finding Boxes for Moving Free or Cheaply

All of the get cheap moving boxes tips here and the ways to find boxes free are meant to support you in your upcoming move. We hope this article will help you. In case you know more ways to get free moving boxes or find them cheaply you can share them below like a comment.




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