House Removal – Breakables and Valuables

House Removal – Breakables and ValuablesIf you need to get ready for a house move in the upcoming months, then you are probably already stressed out about everything. Relax – moving house is a common experience which is one of the most memorable events in a person’s life. Look at the positive sides of it and make sure you have enough time to prepare a checklist, take the inventory and prepare a budget plan too. One of the hardest tasks of every move is the process of packing. For most people, it is much harder than unpacking and arranging the house. Since packing needs to be done right, it can be really frustrating – getting the right packing materials, using the right packing techniques and overall, doing what the professionals usually do.

If you don’t want to hire movers to do your packing, then you need to allow enough time for the process and decide who is going to do what. After you have taken the inventory of your entire household, you should have an idea of how much packing materials you need and what will be packed. Let’s see how the packing and handling of fragile items and valuables happen during a move.

Fragile items take a long time to be packed well. Since each item should be wrapped in bubble wrap, linen or newspaper individually and then placed in the moving box, you will need lots of patience. Starting with the kitchen, you need to deal with plates, china and glassware. It’s best to buy boxes for dishes which have dividers inside and make the packing much easier. If you want to use the standard moving boxes, it is alright, but here’s how to do the packing. Take a cup and wrap it with plain paper or bubble wrap – if it’s fragile and thin, wrap in two layers of it. Then put the cup inside the box with its bottom up. Always put the bigger items on the bottom with enough padding in the void spaces. The idea is to arrange the boxes in a way that nothing inside is moving during the transportation. If it looks too hard, watch a video tutorial and try again. Label the box with: “fragile” and “kitchen”. This way the movers will know to be careful and will take the box straight to the kitchen at your new place.

Man and VanAfter you deal with the china and glassware, proceed with all the little fragile items that you have in the kitchen and living room- figurines, framed photos, glass shelves, etc. The same rule for packing applies to them – each item should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap or newspaper and placed over some linen inside a box. You can put various fragile items inside the same box (from the kitchen, bedrooms and living room, for example), but then label the box properly too.

When it comes to valuables, the rule is that they should be travelling in your vehicle, not in the moving truck. Such items include expensive china and artwork, antiques, heirlooms and all sorts of items with sentimental value. Prepare enough boxes and packing material for them and think how to make space for them in the boot. If you have too many, consider moving them yourself before the moving day. Be extra careful as doing a self-move means no insurance so if you damage something you won’t get coverage for it.

These are the basic rules for handling breakables and valuables on the moving day. Read more on this subject from the author here.




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