Helping Kids Settle Down in New Home

Transition is always difficult for most of the people, but it is especially hard for kids as they get attached to something or someone very easily and develop an emotional bonding. So, it’s very important for parents to help their kids settle down in new home and have a new beginning.  Here at Moving Quotes, we have some superb tips that will help your kid adapt to the new environment and neighborhood easily as well as quickly. Take a look.

Show them the house
Take your kids through every corner of the house and describe its purpose. Tell them how each room will look like after all stuff will be put in. Give them time to explore every room and corner. You can help them in this by playing some games like hide and seek as this will help them become familiar with everything.If your new house is already furnished, you can ask them questions like, which room is painted in pink? or which room has blue floors?, etc.

Unpack their room first
After setting up basic things like kitchen and bathroom, unpack the kids’ stuff. Involve them while organizing the wardrobe and decorating the room. Try to unpack their favorite stuff first like blankets, toys, pictures and any other thing they like. This will help them forget that they are at a new place. In fact, they will have a quick adjustment to the new environment. Don’t forget to take their ideas on how to decorate their room.

Moving with kids

Take them in a comfort zone
Some kids may not be comfortable with the idea of sleeping alone in the new room. To overcome this fear, arrange the room as close as possible to the old room. Walk through several times from their room and if possible, spend the night with them.

Plan a home picnic
It may sound difficult to some but believe us; it’s really interesting. After you have arranged the basic things, host a small picnic in the central area of the new house, may be the living room or the garden. You can also call some neighbors to join you. It might not be possible to cook on the first day, so order everyone’s favorites and start partying. This will help your kids become comfortable in the new home.

So, follow these tips and make the transition easy for them. After all, your kids will make your new house your new Home!

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