Handling A Long Distance Move

Long distance moves are usually challenging and require a lot of work for handling them properly. In fact, there are lots of issues that need to be handled effectively in a long distance local as well as an International move. Here we are going to discuss some of the major issues to help you handle relocation easily.

Before moving, ensure that your old residence is sold, cleaned and handed over to the buyer. Similarly, your new residence should also be ready before you move to the new location. If there are a few months left, you can ask the builders to complete before the date of arrival. It is very frustrating as well as tedious selling home in a state while living in other state, so the best idea is to do it before your move.

Renting a moving truck
Your household owns too much of stuff and if it is a long distance move, you must carry everything in one go. Try to rent one big truck that can accommodate everything in one trip or you may have to pay a hefty bill, both for rent as well as fuel.

Cut off the utilities
If you are making a long distance move, be domestic or international, ensure that you cut off all utilities before your move. It is troublesome contacting with electricity or phone departments from remote location; moreover they also don’t bother to accept requests unless you don’t come in person. So, it is important to cut utilities from old residence and hook up at new residence.

Auto transport
In most cases, charges for an international auto transport will be pretty high, even close to the worth of your vehicle. In that case, a better idea is to sell the vehicle and purchase a new one at your new residence.

Budget your move
This is perhaps one of the most important issues in long distance move, which is an expensive process. There are lots of things that determine your budget, such as doing it yourself or hiring a professional moving company, renting a truck or plane, loading and unloading charges and total cost for the move. First make an estimate of the total cost if you choose a DIY method and ask for quotes from 3 to 4 moving companies. You can also ask for discount from them to fit into your budget. Once you analyze all these points, you will be able to estimate the actual cost and choose the best deal for you.

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