Documents That You Need To Ask From Your Moving Company

Moving from one state to another is different when compared to moving from just one city to the other. This is why you need to protect yourself  from the possible hassle brought about by delay, damage and things going wrong in the transportation of your stuff.

There are three important documents that you need to ask from the moving company that you are about to deal with, these are:

1. Order For Service

– An Order for Service is a “black and white” version of the agreement between you and the moving company. Details about the loading, shipping, cost as well as the 110%  of the estimate upon successful delivery.

2. Written Estimate

– Before signing or committing to any moving company, it is best to have one of their staff conduct an ocular visit in your home and give you an estimate. Phone estimates can be inaccurate but if the staff gets to see everything that you want to include in the move, they can give you a better and more accurate estimate. To avoid further conflict, an itemized estimate is your best option as you can easily refer to an item’s particular cost.

3. Measurement Table

-Insist the estimator to graph or table of all the things that needs to be moved. This will help you in calculating combined weight and size your stuff.

These documents can help in backing up your claim should something go wrong or if the moving company chargesyou with added price. In case the estimators are hesitant in giving you these three documents, consider looking for other moving companies that will give you these three essential things





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