Do It Yourself For a Perfect Moving Plan

Moving is not an easy task as its heavy on both time and money. The best bet on saving on both these is to have a solid “Do-It-Yourself” plan. If you are doing it for the first time and have no idea at all, let us help you in making a perfect moving plan for your home.


Packing your household stuff is one of the most crucial issues in relocation. If properly done, it can save your stuff from unwanted damage. So, what you should do is to buy good quality corrugated boxes, wrapping sheets and bags according to the number of goods you have. Always insist on getting high quality and tough packing material that should save your expensive items from getting damaged.

You should neither overfill the boxes nor leave any empty space in the boxes. If there is some empty space in the box, add some more stuff or simply put newspaper sheets to fill it.

Get Rid of Unwanted Items

Most likely, there will be some stuff in your home that you would always like to get rid of. Carrying these items will only increase the transportation cost, so it’s good to leave them behind or giveaway to some needy people. Sort any unwanted stuff before you start packing as this will help you differentiate useless stuff from the useful one.

Moving Valuables

We strongly advise you to pack all your valuables and precious items like important documents, certificates, bohemian crystals and jewelry, etc. in a separate box and carry them along with you and not inside the boxes as they are usually very fragile.

Perishable and Flammable Goods

Moving perishable and flammable goods along is never recommended.  Moreover, no moving company will agree to transport these items. So, the best thing you can do is to consume your gas cylinder or any other fuel before moving.

Tag the Boxes

To avoid any confusion, tag every box with the name of stuff it contains, for example, kitchen, bathroom, stationery, appliances, etc. Also count the number of boxes before you hand over them to the transport company so as to avoid any confusion later on.

Renting a Truck

Finally, it’s time to send your stuff to the new destination through a rented truck. Make sure that you hire a truck from a professional moving company as they specialize in moving household stuff. And yes, don’t forget to confirm the loading and unloading charges from your transportation service provider.

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