Business Relocation: Setting The Date


Moving a business from one location to another is the same as moving a house, its complicated. While the basics may be similar, moving a business is a bit tricky as you lose oneday’s worth of work and profit if you are not careful with your moving strategy.

Set the date and time. Yes, you need to have a target date. You don’t want to keep on postponing your move in the same way that you don’t want to panic pack when you are being thrown out at the building of your current location in two days time.

Announce the date to everyone. You may have a 5 man team or a25 man team in your business. Whether you’re 5 or 25, you need to let these people know about the target date that way they can start packing their things as well. If possible, ask them to help on the actual moving day as an extra hand would not hurt in the moving process.

You need to be very particular about the people and other business in your area. It may take 5 hours or a mere 2 hours to relocate everything in your office but the traffic that it will cause the moment the moving truck comes up will surely annoy the people who are doing their daily business and affairs in that area.




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