Arizona and Phoenix Top Peoples Choices for Place to Move

Phoenix Chosen by Many Based on U-Haul Data

More and more people are choosing to move to Arizona and U-Haul names Phoenix as one of the top options among other moving destinations.

According to U-Haul’s yearly national migration report, Phoenix sits as number 14 in the list of top 50 moving destination cities.

According to Maxim Lubin, U-Haul’s general manager in Indian School and Grand Canyon, “It’s been really busy, really really busy. We’ve had our best year so far, the last year, and we are hoping to do plenty more business after that.” Lubin’s days are continually being filled by helping people plan their move.

Because of this data, business for movers, particularly U-Haul, is expected to grow. As U-Haul International sees it, Phoenix being one of the top cities on the list has made the difference.

Stuart Shoen, Executive VP of U-Haul International, said that this statistics says a lot about Arizona. “It really does reflect something is going on in Arizona. I think that’s fair to say. I think that people are… seeing Phoenix as a good place to be.”

Shoen added that all of the cities across the country were considered to be included in the list. Based on U-Haul’s data, Los Angeleswas on the 18th spot, New York City on the 21st and Tucson on the 31st.

Whether movers choose to move across towns or cities, U-Haul assures them that they are most ready to help them get to their destination. As Lubin puts it, “we could clear out our parking lot in a single day.”



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