10 Mistakes to Avoid During a Move

There are a number of common mistakes made during a household move. Read through this list before planning your move. It will help you avoid mistakes and make your move more bearable.

1. Getting only one estimate. Try to get at least three estimates to ensure you’re getting a fair deal.

2. Not getting an estimate in writing. You need to know that the price you are quoted is the price you’ll pay. Ask about any other miscellaneous charges and be sure to get them listed in writing.

3. Not checking with the Better Business Bureau. Check to see that the company you select is accredited.

4. Forgetting to plan for the worst. Pack an overnight bag with a couple of changes of clothes. Be sure to include prescription medications. Chances are your things will arrive as planned, but be prepared just in case.

5. Forgetting to save your receipts. If you paid for your move out of your own pocket save your receipts. Some expenses from your move may be tax deductible.

6. Forgetting to back up your computer. Make sure you back up all of your important data and have it saved in at least two places before your move. This can be a life saver in the event of a damaged or misplaced computer.

7. Not checking on the payment method. Since payment is generally due when your things are delivered it is important to know how the company expects to receive their payment. Many companies will not accept a personal check.

8. Not explaining the layout of your new home. The moving company needs to know if your new home has stairs, if your new apartment is on the third floor with no elevator, or any other details that might impact their work.

9. Refusing coverage for loss and breakage. Most homeowners’ policies do not cover loss or breakage during a move. Talk to the company about what their extra coverage includes and what it costs.

10. Not standing up for yourself. If moving day arrives and the crew or the truck seem inadequate, you should immediately call the moving company and lodge your complaint. If necessary, you can always cancel.

Study these common mistakes and make every effort possible to avoid them. Being well-prepared is your best defense against a bad move.

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