Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping
Shipping your vehicle from one location to another is a bit of a chore, especially for the first time movers. It’s because there is a lot of things to be done before you send it for shipping. Here are few important tips that will help you prepare your vehicle for shipping and have a smoother relocation.

Clean your vehicle
The very first thing that you can do to prepare your vehicle for shipping is to wash your car, clean its exteriors as well as interiors. The auto transport company will conduct an inspection to find any existing damages and a clean car would help in smooth inspection.

Check the operating condition
Before you hand over your car to a vehicle transport company, ensure that it’s in operating condition. It means it should have enough fluids, charged battery, proper air pressure in tires and there should be no leakage in fluid tank. In most cases, the vehicle transport driver will drive the car to the new destination and that’s easiest of all. In case your vehicle is in an inoperable condition, notify the shipping company about this.

Remove all accessories and belongings
Your auto transport insurance is not liable for any damage of any personal belongings or accessories in your vehicle. So, remove anything that can be easily knocked off. Remove the GPS system, roof racks, spoilers, fog lights, spare tire, retract the antennas, disconnect the alarm system, fold back the mirrors and whatever you have inside the car.

Repair whatever needs to be repaired
If there is something in your vehicle that needs to be repaired such as a window crack or leaking fluid tank, get it repaired before handing over the vehicle to the auto transport company. It is important because any holes in your vehicle can cause moisture to enter the interiors and cause damage. Besides, leaking fuel tank can damage other cars also and you may need to pay for that, of course in worst cases! If there is harsh weather outside, ensure that you regulate the anti-freeze levels of the radiator and also get the air conditioner repaired.

Finally, keep the keys ready!
Keep an entire new set of keys ready and in case you don’t have it, get one before you drop off your vehicle to the auto transport company. Hand over the complete set to the driver and take back the same on delivery. And yes, don’t forget to take the phone number of the driver to track his position.