Packing Tips

Packing Tips

Packing your belongings is a tedious task and should be done in an organized way to avoid any belongings from leaving behind. Moving from one place to another and packing stuff should not be stressful, especially with our packing tips at Moving Quotes. So, you need not worry about anything as here we have some very useful packing tips for you.

Packing material
The very first thing you need for packing is the correct type of material that includes different sized carton boxes, bubble wraps, tape, non printed newsprint paper and labels. You can purchase these boxes from a moving company. Always purchase some extra boxes than you think is actually required because there is lot of odd stuff in household that takes much space for packing. Try to purchase boxes of different sizes and types such as mirror carton, wardrobe boxes, book carton, lamp box, dishpack and several other types of cube boxes.

Adopt labeling system
Use a labeling system while you pack things as this will help you a lot while unpacking the stuff in new home. You can assign a color to each room and use similar colored label for each room. For example, you can assign yellow labels to kitchen boxes, pink to bedroom and green to bathroom, etc. It will again help you easily identify the boxes related to each room. Also use clearly written “Fragile” labels wherever required.

Heavy stuff in small boxes & vice versa
Make it a rule that you put heavy stuff in small boxes and light stuff in big boxes. It’s because if you will put heavy things in big boxes, it will become very difficult to lift them. Similarly, if light stuff will be added in small boxes, it will eventually increase the number of boxes. Following this rule will help you have fewer boxes and having things organized rapidly.

Packing different sized items
There are usually three types of items in a household; large, small and awkward. Each of these should be packed properly in different boxes. Such as, furniture items like chairs and table should be unscrewed and packed separately. Electrical appliances and computer should be packed in their original packing boxes. Start with large items first moving on to smaller ones and finally followed by awkward items.

Do the rounds
Finally, do the rounds of each room before leaving and also ask other family members to do the same. This is to ensure that nothing is left behind. Once you ensure that everything is packed, you can move into your new home without any worries.