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When planning a move, it’s good to know the types of moving companies that represent the various aspects of the industry. You may need to interact with one or more of these types of firms. A local moving company handles moves that are of a short distance. In many instances, local moves are charged by the hour vs. weight. A long distance moving company typically handles moves that are of a greater distance, usually 100 miles or more. These companies […]

Planning for a Move Abroad

Moving abroad is a much more involved process then moving within the states. Those planning a move abroad should make sure they have considered these five things. Save for the move. When moving abroad, there a number of costs that are unique. In addition to the costs of moving there are also costs associated with your travel to your destination. Also prepare for trips back to the states, storing items that you cannot take with you and the fees associate […]

Toughest Items to Move

Moving is tough but if you’re the owner of certain items you can expect a more difficult time. These items are notoriously difficult to move, even for the professionals. An aquarium is a particular challenge both for the unit itself and the residents within. Keep your fish in a holding container that can be used for the move. Plan on taking the aquarium and the fish in your vehicle if at all possible, as expecting them to travel in the […]

Looking for great tips on finding a great moving company? Sometimes it’s good to go straight to the source. Here are some tips compiled by an actual moving company, Acclaimed Camarillo Movers. Read Reviews Use the internet to your advantage. Look at popular review sites like Yelp, Google Local or City Search. Read the reviews left by previous customers. Be sure to read a broad range of reviews so you’re seeing both the good and the bad. Comparison Shop After […]

Moving Classifications

In the moving industry there are basically 5 types of moves. When calling to line up estimates from various companies, it’s good to know how your move will be classified. A local move is one that remains within one state. Talk to the various movers you are considering. Some may have limitations on distance in what they are terming a ‘local’ move. Most companies consider a move to be local if it is less than 100 miles of travel between […]

Most families try to move during the summer to simplify the transition from one school to another for their children. There are some instances when a move must happen mid-year, leaving many parents worried about how their children will adjust. There are steps parents can take to make the mid-year school move as successful as possible. Decide on when to involve your child in the move planning based on the child’s age. Early elementary school children most likely do not […]

Moving is a big task that can seem even more intimidating when it means uprooting your children. There are steps you can take to make the transition as easy as possible for both yourself and your family. If at all possible, involve your children in ‘shopping’ for the new house. If your children are older, have them help in doing research on your new city. Learn about schools in the area and other activities that might interest them. If your […]

A Healthy Move

“Lift with your legs” is the common adage for those lifting anything heavy. If you’re planning a move, chances are you’ll have plenty of opportunities to put that adage to good use. Much has been written about being organized for a move, but it is also important to be physically ready as well. Even if you are using a team of professional movers, chances are you’ll have some packing and lifting to do on your own. Leading up to moving […]

Planning for your Empty Nest

When folks are thinking of moving, they generally think of moving an entire household. For those who are becoming empty nesters, only part of their household is filling up that moving van. This usually means that there are empty rooms to be put to use. Before the moving van comes to pick up your adult child’s belongings, consider having a plan in place for the empty rooms left behind. If the room will be completely empty, then the sky’s the […]

Making a Long Distance Move

A long distance move is always more stressful and difficult than a shorter move. There are factors that must be taken into consideration that don’t come into play when the move is just across town. Begin your planning much earlier when the move is long distance. This will allow you to negotiate the best pricing if you are using a professional moving service. Consumers who attempt to negotiate a long distance move at the last minute will always find that […]