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Dealing with Hazardous Items During a Move

When moving, there are certain items that cannot be legally transported by a moving company. Make sure you know what those items are prior to moving day so you can make other arrangements for those items. Anything with the potential to explode or burst cannot be transported. This includes aerosols like hair spray. Other products in this same category include kerosene, propane or other fuels. Regardless of how well these items are packed, they still present a danger. Items like […]

Moving Industry Regulations

With the industry taking its share of criticism for unethical moving practices by various companies, consumers should know that the moving industry is widely regulated. Important information is available for consumers who take the time to do their research. Back in April of 2008, the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) determined qualifications for companies to be classified as “ProMover”. This designation is one of the industry’s attempts to help inform consumers about those companies that do adhere to the […]

If you are moving into a rental unit, you may have the opportunity somewhere in the process to speak to the previous tenant. If this does happen, it may be the perfect time to gather some information about your new home. Ask them questions about the unit itself. You may learn about household fixtures that are quirky or about the availability of parking in the area. Ask for information about the area including favorite restaurants, best grocery stores and where […]

College students may initially be required to live in dorms, but eventually most have the option of moving to an apartment. Moving into a first apartment is an exciting time, but apartment living is much different than dorm living. In order to make a smooth transition, consider these tips: Outfit the Kitchen: Most students living in a dorm do not need to supply or cook their own meals. In fact in many instances, no appliances are allowed in the dorms. […]

Tips for Moving Pets

Moving is stressful for the family but may be even more so for your pets. There are some steps you can take to make the move more comfortable for all involved. Before moving, be sure you check for any pet regulations at your destination. If you’re moving internationally, there may be some quarantine requirements for your pets. When moving within the United States, quarantine is rarely required, but is mandatory in the state of Hawaii. Keep your pet with you […]

Moving Companies Giving Back

Moving companies have united in an effort to help feed the hungry in a program called Move for Hunger. One of the latest companies to contribute La Habra Relocations in Orange County, California. To date, over 160 real estate professionals across 43 states have joined together to bring in over 658,000 pounds of food which has been delivered to various food banks across the nation. Move for Hunger is the brainchild of Adam Lowy who noticed that many families, in […]

Resource for a Move to the United Kingdom

If you’re planning an International move to the United Kingdom, you might want to spend some time on the website . The site is host to a popular forum whose intent is to provide unbiased information for those planning a move in the United Kingdom. The site has various sections including ‘Property Professors’ where users can receive expert answers to a variety of questions. The questions are answered by members from a panel of 23 experts. The panel includes […]

Tools for Moving Day

When planning a big move, make sure you are equipped with all the proper tools on the big day. A furniture dolly and a utility dolly are must haves. The furniture dolly allows you to lift pieces onto its platform and then roll them with ease. A utility dolly is great for transporting stacked boxes. Moving blankets and pads help protect your furnishings. Use them to cushion furniture and to keep multiple pieces from brushing up against each other. They […]

Should You Rent or Buy? (Infographic)

The decision between renting and buying is often a confusing one. Depending on your specific situation, you may find one has more benefits than the other. Be sure to weigh the pros and cons for each before making your decision. Perhaps your job will play a factor. If you’re in a situation where you may move every few years, consider renting for the flexibility. If you travel frequently for your job, renting might again be the right choice if you’re […]

Senior Moving Services

There are challenges in any residential move, but these can be even greater when they involve moving an elderly person. When it is time to move an elderly loved one out of their lifelong home, you are no longer dealing with just the moving of goods, you are dealing with much more. In order to address this need, a new breed of company has cropped up. These companies bill themselves as ‘senior move management services’ and they deal in managing […]