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Penske Truck Rental together with self-storage startup company SpareFoot bring DIY moving and storage in the forefront of the 21st century — just in time for the moving season’s busiest weekend. The two company’s collaboration launches before Crazy Tuesday, the unofficial biggest day of the year for the self-storage industry. Through this team up, customers of both companies can easily find and reserve storage units as well as moving trucks. This can be done through a simple clicks in their […]

How to Pack Books When Moving

Books can be considered as one of the things that should be carefully packed when moving. It may look like a simple task but packing books actually deserve ample attention and consideration. Image Source: Visual Photos Move now or pick up later? You can either pack your books now, before your scheduled move, or just pick them up later from a friend or relative’s place. If you are moving to another state or town that is relatively far from your […]

This month marks the beginning of the moving season. Thus, it is not surprising for moving costs to be pricier than usual. Although there is nothing much you can do about this norm, there are proven ways that you can follow to save on moving costs. Image Source: My Moving Reviews How to Save on Moving Costs in Seven Steps 1. Time your move. The days and time in a week or month can prove to be great factors when […]

By tradition, the month of May starts the moving season. And this also jumpstarts the operation of unscrupulous moving companies that offers nothing but headaches. Image Source: Discover Spring Texas According to Better Business Bureaus (BBB), they have handled over 9,000 complaints related to stolen or damaged belongings, huge moving rate hikes and ridiculous price quotes. Some also complain of late deliveries of the belongings they have entrusted to some inefficient movers. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) launched […]

The Texas government together with the moving industry officials are warning people about illegal moving companies operating in the state. These moving scammers either take every piece of belonging that the customers have entrusted with them without hearing another word, or asking for ransom in exchange of the belongings. Image Source: Apex Movers Residents are advised to check the legitimacy of companies before hiring one. Thankfully, there is a new state law that implements fines and imposes jail time on […]

There are a number of factors that make a long distance moving company the “right one.” Definitely, you should be able to check out for these factors in order for you to have a hassle-free long distance moving experience. As you may already assume, moving can be a successful source of stress, and the best way to reduce such stress is to hire a moving company that will make moving an enjoyable activity despite all the pressures. Image Source: FlatRate […]

The Origin of the Moving Industry

The industry of moving companies is very popular today. Like any other growing business, they started from a small beginning and were cultivated through time. Here is a brief description of how the history of the moving industry started. Have the time and know how it all started. Image Source: My Moving Reviews Origin: Moving Industry This industry did not really start off in the USA like what most of us would think. It was conjectured that during the start […]

When is It Best to Move?

Moving is a process that seems to be viewed as an easy and uncomplicated one, but actually it’s otherwise. Numerous questions come to life every time we need to undergo a decision-making process regarding moving. However, those questions cannot have concrete answers. The said process requires much time, effort and some sort of organized planning. With time being mentioned, we have to painstakingly deal with the process. We have to consider several factors to decide on which time to move. […]

U-Haul Company of Ohio has expanded the U-Haul network of self-storage locations with its purchase of an existing Ohio storage facility located at 6405 Old Avery Road, Dublin, Ohio last April 23. Image Source: Mini-Storage Messenger Over 400 units of storage and around 59,000 square feet of self storage are being offered by the new U-Haul Moving and Storage of Dublin. This business offers U-Box portable storage as well as outdoor drive-up with RV and boat storage. You can easily […]

Top Myths About Moving Explained

Moving always involves a lot of important decisions to make, and maybe you can’t help but feel anxious about all the things that may go wrong. Furthermore, there are some circulating stories about moving that you may have heard of—perhaps stories told by unsatisfied customers, or some negative feedback about a moving company that you have read from the internet—that won’t help you ease your mind. Image Source: Movers-Edge However, some of these stories aren’t true, and the more you know […]