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It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious or nervous when you’re moving to a new city. Everything’s new—you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, with unfamiliar faces all around you. You’re not so sure how your life would turn out in this new city, and a maybe you just need a few tips to help you realize that everything will be alright eventually, and that things could only get better for you. Hopefully this guide would help you organize the things you […]

Moving Insurance Types and Costs

Moving out could be risky however reliable a moving company seems. Things could always make a turn for the unexpected, and it helps if you have extra insurance that would put your mind at ease when it comes to the security your belongings. By law, moving companies are required to offer moving valuation to each of their customers. Moving valuation is the basic limited liability based on the company’s assessment of your goods. It’s up to you to decide whether […]

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers

Hiring movers is one of the most important questions when you plan to move. The manpower is quite essential in order to save time and effort. Hiring movers, however, depend upon the type of move. Image Source: Cost of Movers Hiring movers depends on your needs. For some people, they likely need to hire a moving company. Hiring one will basically depend on the size of your rooms and quantity of goods. For first time movers, you should definitely […]

Moving to a New Home: The Checklist

Moving can be very overwhelming that sometimes, people miss things they ought not to forget. Moving is as important, and as demanding, as buying and selling. That is why making a checklist can be very helpful. Image Source: Listed below is a comprehensive checklist of the things that you must remember and consider when you move into a new home. Keep the documents or renting deal in a safe place. Check your things. Separate those you will bring and […]

How to Move Without Losing Your Mind

Moving to another home can be tiring unless you have the budget or the manpower. Here are some tips that could be of help to you if you plan to move to a new place. Image Source: J &  T Moving, LLC. Manage the mails. Let the people who are sending you bills know beforehand that you are moving. This includes the cable, credit card companies, phone, internet, and other more. Don’t forget to change your address on the US […]

Two Men and a Truck announced this year’s Movers for Moms drive that aims to help mothers spending their days in shelters. Image source: Free Press Release This coming Mother’s Day, many mothers will once again spend the special event away from home, away from their children and families, as a lot of them are staying in shelters. According to a New York State Office for Prevention of Domestic Violence, about 25 percent homeless women are sent to the shelters […]

Moving with Dogs: Checklist and Guide

Moving with dogs and other pets may leave you wondering what to do – and which one to do first. Moving may prove to be a slightly stressful experience and you may find thinking even more than issues as you think of how you will move with your pet. It is true that moving with a dog leaves you with additional responsibilities, but it doesn’t need to be a cause for worry. You can make moving with your dog or […]

The end of semester is just a few weeks from now, thus, a lot are already planning their apartment and dorm move-out. As said by Severin Walstad, IRHA’s president, residence buildings will be closed come May 5. By then, the 7,700 students living within the campus should already move out. Walstad advised the students to attend the last residence hall floor meeting. In this meeting, the resident assistance will also go over the checkout process. Students are obliged to arrange […]

More and more people are choosing to move to Arizona and U-Haul names Phoenix as one of the top options among other moving destinations. According to U-Haul’s yearly national migration report, Phoenix sits as number 14 in the list of top 50 moving destination cities. According to Maxim Lubin, U-Haul’s general manager in Indian School and Grand Canyon, “It’s been really busy, really really busy. We’ve had our best year so far, the last year, and we are hoping to […]

All My Sons Moving & Storage, a South Florida moving company, continues to extend its popularity among the residents of South Florida through recently being named as the Florida Panthers’ official mover. As Spero Georgedakis (All My Sons’ representative) puts it, “it is a great honor for our moving company.” South Florida’s All My Sons Moving & Storage has offices located in the Palm Beaches and Ft. Lauderdale. As the Florida Panthers’ official mover, they are responsible for transporting and […]