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Settling In

  Moving to another city, state or country means you have to take some time in getting the necessary stuff that will make your residency in that particular place legitimate. First thing would be to get all the needed things like drivers licenses, health cards and the like. Your car needs to be registered in your new address as well. There is a 90 day grace period though it must be noted that oging over the grace period will results into penalties and such. If you want home […]

Easy First Week: Moving Tips

Your first week on your new house is one of the most difficult times in moving. Its not as if you just have to unpack things and everything will be back to normal. As a matter of fact, adjustment takes a week or so for things to go back to normal and easy. Packing your things accordingly pays off. Color coding is the best way to deal with things. You can easily unpack things if you know the corresponding color of the […]

5 Easy Tips in Moving

Moving is as easy as pie if you follow certain procedures that will help make your relocation go smoothly. Below are 3 ways to help make relocating easy and smooth: Weekdays are the best time of the week to move. This is when banks, offices and other facilities are open. Other than that, weekdays is when moving companies lower their rates thus you get to save money. When moving locally, make it a point to leave utilities like light and water on for […]

Released Value: What about it?

  There are two kinds of moving insurance, one is full value and the other is released value. While the former may be expensive and all, released value is the economical among the two. The reason why its cheaper is due to the fact that it does have any additional charges. However, it must be noted that the protection that is offers is very minimal. It is under this coverage that you agree to a 60 cents per pound for your item should something […]

Moving Tips 101

When you are on the process of relocation, packing your stuff in inevitable. Boxes, packing tapes, scissors and many other things which can help you in packing can be your best friend. If you are dealing with a moving company that packs things for you, the better. However it must be noted that there are moving companies which provide packing materials to help you in packing. If you are comfortable in packing so many things, it is best to get help from other people. You […]

Basic Coverage: What about it?

  There are two types of moving coverage when moving from one state to another. Getting yourself a clear idea about the various types of insurance will help you come up with the right decision as to whether you want to deal with this or that. A lot of people end up unhappy with their choice of coverage as they do not know what it covers. The basic coverage may seem like a perfect solution as it is cheaper compared to the full coverage. However it must be noted that the reimbursement […]

Covered or not?

  In moving, the most common problem that a lot of people face is when something unexpected comes up. This unexpected things can range from misunderstandings, accidents and so on. Accidents happen at times. While moving companies can protect your things in transit, there are stuff that they are just not liable to. Take the case of the things that you packed, there is a great chance that your moving company do not cover for the things that they did […]

Facing it or Preparing for it?

  The reason why most people are hesitant in getting a moving insurance coverage is due to their belief that their homeowner’s insurance or their renter’s insurance will cover for their stuff when they move. This misconception  can lead to more problems as movonig your items means things are out of your hands and out of your control. Accidents can happen when you are least expecting them and there is no better way to deal with it than by preparing yourself for the worst instead of facing the worst. […]

Insuring Household Goods

    Accidents can happen when you least expect them or worst, when you are not prepared. This is why it pays have have a good policy to look over your stuff, especially you are moving as road accidents, bumping and such  are most likely to occur thus your previous belongings and household goods are facing a high risk. Your moving company may be responsible for your stuff but you need to be aware that the current rate is just $0.30 per pound […]

Moving Firsts

If you are moving to another place, you need to be highly aware of the fact that the things that you pack, you will eventually unpack in your new house. Packing to keep them safe is highly recommended but over packing which in turn can make it hard for you to unpack is a big no-no. The kitchen, the bathroom and the tool room are the parts of the house that you need to sort out first. Unless you plan to eat […]