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Top 3 Moving Destinations

Moving is one of the many things that make up the American way of life. The act of relocating from one place to another may be prompted by jobs, retirement and whatnot. Based on last year’s data, the top 5 moving destinations are: Houston, Orlando, Las Vegas, Chicago and Portland. People moving to these cities reach up to 1,000 moves per day. That’s how big the number of people who relocate to these cities making it their new home. 1. Houston -Diversity is Houston’s […]

Foolproof Moving Tips

Moving from one house to another not an easy job. You need to have the skills and abilities of a Superhero to make things run as smoothly as possible. Moving may be a tough job but it certainly is not impossible though making it go as expected needs you to pay close attention to little things that can have big effects on your day of move. Below are three of the many tips that is sure to help you make your move run smoothly and […]

Washington DC Moving Companies

Washington DC is one of the best places to live these days as there are a lot of job opportunities in Metro DC area. While the rest of the country may still be struggling with Recession, the US capital has already kicked it in the rear. If you are one of the many who are planning to move to Washington DC, it pays a lot if you know the moving company that you ought to deal with. Below are some of the […]

Saving while Moving

  Relocating from one place to another means you need to hire  a moving company to help you transport your stuff from one place to another. This means you have to shell out extra bucks in order to get things done. Below are tips guaranteed to help you in making both ends meet when it comes to dealing with thing thing called relocating. 1. Compare and contrast -The best way to get the lowest rate possible is to research. There are a […]

Moving Checklist

Moving from on place to another can be a bit stressful, most especially if things aren’t going as planned. It pays to have a checklist before moving that way you get to monitor and prioritize things that you need to do first in order to make your move as smooth and stress-free as it possibly can. 1. Insurance Carriers -If you are moving to a different state and you have a local company for your insurances, it is best to […]

Moving to Canada

Universal Health-care and clean air are just two of the many reasons why a lot of Americans are moving in to Canada. The fact that its proximity to the US is not that far compared other countries make it accessible for one to get in and out of Canada as long as they have the right documents. If you are one of the many who are planning to relocate to Canada, read these 5 important tips first as it will […]

Moving from one state to another is different when compared to moving from just one city to the other. This is why you need to protect yourself  from the possible hassle brought about by delay, damage and things going wrong in the transportation of your stuff. There are three important documents that you need to ask from the moving company that you are about to deal with, these are: 1. Order For Service – An Order for Service is a “black […]

3 Types of Moving Insurance Coverage

by  NeitherFanboy When moving from one place to another, getting a moving insurance is the best thing that you can do to protect your stuff. But you need to understand first what kind of moving insurance that you will need. Typically there are three types of moving insurance coverage. The more that you know about each of these coverages the is it that you will be able to decide. Basic Carrier Liability also known as released value is calculated per […]

House Moving with Cats

Moving from one place to another can be a bit tricky for most cat-owners as their feline companion tend to develop strong  connection with their environment. A sudden change of place may cause huge amounts of anxiety and stress to your little fellow. Moving alone can be quite stressful on your part. One less worry about your pet cat will surely be of great help to make your moving run as smooth as possible. Before the movers arrive, put your […]

    If there is one thing that Americans are not scared of, that would be moving. As a matter of fact studies show that in 2007 alone, 16.5 million home transfers took place in the country. Different people have different reasons why they transfer from home to another, most common reason is to move to a better place to live in though job transfers, new work location as well as moving to a cheaper home can also be pointed […]