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There are a lot of things involved in moving, right from packing, organizing it, loading, unloading and supervising the move itself. This is a very crucial time when you should not only take care of your stuff but yourself too. As you need to bend up and down so many times, there are chances of injuries. So, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for any such situation. Here we some amazing tips that will help you […]

California is one of the most sought moving destinations in the world, and this is the reason that you will find people of almost every nationality here. The thought of moving to California excites most people including us. While moving to California is a great idea, you must have some important information about the city and living there so that you don’t have to regret your decision. We have complied some important information that will help you make a decision […]

Helping Kids Settle Down in New Home

Transition is always difficult for most of the people, but it is especially hard for kids as they get attached to something or someone very easily and develop an emotional bonding. So, it’s very important for parents to help their kids settle down in new home and have a new beginning.  Here at Moving Quotes, we have some superb tips that will help your kid adapt to the new environment and neighborhood easily as well as quickly. Take a look. […]

Should You Get a Moving Insurance?

When it comes to moving or relocation, moving insurance is an important consideration. Neither you nor the moving company can assure the safety of goods on road and protection from damage. As moving is a risky process in itself, this makes moving insurance really important. Let’s discuss a few points in detail on how moving insurance is important and should you get it or not. Know the insurance types Just like other forms of insurance, moving insurance is also of […]

Unpacking Your Belongings After the Move

As you have moved to your new home, you must be taking a sigh of relief. But wait! there is one more challenge waiting for you, that is, unpacking your belongings. Organizing the new home can be a longer process but is equally fun as you get a chance to redecorate your home in a new way. Unpacking can be a complicated process in case you open all boxes together. Here we have some very useful tips that will help […]

Moving Glossary- Part II

Divider Sometimes, moving companies put commercial goods in the trailer along with the household stuff. A divider is used to separate both types of goods and protect both of them from damage. Door-to-Door Service Moving service given from origin residence to the destination residence, exclusive of any taxes, custom duties and handling charges. Door-to-Port Service Moving service given from origin residence to the destination city or port, exclusive of any taxes, custom duties and handling charges. Expedited Service An agreement […]

Moving Glossary- Part I

There are hundreds of things involved in a moving process and so does a number of terms. Before you plan for a move to  a new destination, make sure you get familiar with the important moving terms and glossary. Here’s a comprehensive list of related moving terms that are widely used in the moving industry. Additional Services Services other than transportation, such as packing, unpacking and appliance servicing requested by the customer. Also called accessory services. Additional Charges Charges incurred […]

Moving to Alabama- Must Know Things

Moving to Alabama is just like a dream-come-true for some people. This beautiful state is also known as the “Heart of Dixie” and has plenty of beautiful landscapes to soothe your eyes. Alabama is best known for its southern culture and superb hospitality. So, if you are obsessed by breathtaking mountains and sparkling coastlines of this state, here is some more information that will help you decide on moving to Alabama. Low cost of living The good news is that […]

Moving to Colorado- A Comprehensive Guide

Colorado is best known for its rocky mountains and is well known as “The Centennial State”. Located in Western and Southwestern regions of the United States, Colorado is a year-round destination for tourists around the world. So, if you are seriously considering Colorado as a potential place to move, here’s a comprehensive guide about the state that will let you make a thoughtful decision. Geography Colorado has a diverse combination of rugged mountains and vast plains. It’s climate is quite […]

Moving to Alaska- All You Need to Know

Thinking about Alaska brings Polar Bears, huge glaciers, ice fishing and Mt. McKinley to our mind. Aah…such a wonderful scenario! Alaska is one of the most popular tourist destinations in United States and perhaps everyone will agree with this. But have you ever thought of moving to this beautiful and adventurous state? Okay…if you are seriously thinking about moving to Alaska, let Moving Quotes help you by giving comprehensive information about this state. Perfect living balance Alaska is believed to […]