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Leonardo, NASA’s Space Moving Van

When astronauts use moving vans, they give them names. Meet Leonardo, a no-wheels transport and space moving van extraordinaire: The Discovery shuttle crew recently participated in a zero-gravity space move to transfer Leonardo, a 27,000-pound cargo module filled with supplies, from the shuttle to the International Space Station. The initial high-altitude “move” took place while shuttle and station were in orbit 220 miles above the South Pacific. The 21-foot by 15-foot module was carrying spare parts, equipment, and racks of […]

Moving Your Pet The Sneaky Way

Pet owners on the move sometimes face additional expenses if they want to take their barker, yowler, or silent starer with them. For a price, many companies offer pet moving services – whether you have to drive, fly, or row a boat to your new home, you can hire them to take care of your precious pet person. On the other hand, you could just follow in the footsteps of other pet owners and smuggle your pet around in your […]

Moving? Take The Whole House With You

Moving into a new home is a time-consuming process of planning, packing, and then digging through boxes to find something you shouldn’t have packed. Some people, however, have managed to cut out one of the more crucial steps of relocating – actually buying a new house – by shoving home sweet home onto a truck and dragging the whole thing along with them. Barges make better transports in some cases, like moving a Tudor-style house from Hunts Point, WA, to […]

There exist few common occurrences in our world quite as nerve wracking as the experience of inviting several strangers into one’s home to pick everything up, load it onto a truck, and then drive off into the sunset to hopefully transport the entire material accumulation of life to a new home. Sadly—for those who are currently dealing with such anxiety—this article will not be doing much to assuage your fears. Changes in transportation regulations over the past thirty or so […]